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Non-payment of Real Estate taxes could result in a foreclosure action, tax lien sale or other legal action in order to collect the taxes that are necessary to fund the county's schools, agencies, and local governments.

  1. The Franklin County Treasurer holds the state's first and best lien against real property located in Franklin County

  2. The Delinquent Tax Division holds an annual tax lien sale to collect outstanding delinquent taxes. After a lien is sold, if all lien charges and interest are not fully paid after one year, the tax lien holder has the right to foreclose on the property. The lien holder may either file a request for foreclosure with the county Prosecuting Attorney's office or may proceed with private counsel. For more information on Tax Liens please visit Tax Payer Information

  3. For properties that are not occupied, a political subdivision, such as the city of Columbus, may request an expedited foreclosure through a Land Bank Program for past due property taxes.

  4. After receiving the Delinquent Land Tax Duplicate from the Franklin County Auditor, the Franklin County Prosecutor may begin a foreclosure action, in the name of the Treasurer, for past due property taxes.

If you would like to pay the outstanding taxes due on a parcel that is involved in a foreclosure action please contact the delinquent tax division at (614) 525-3438.

Additional Foreclosure Information

If you any questions about tax foreclosures, please call (614) 525-3438.

If you have questions about Mortgage Foreclosures, see our helpful information in the Foreclosure Intervention section.