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Outreach & Education

We at the Treasurer's Office believe that community outreach and education is an important part of our job. Taxpayers should have easy access to our office and information. That is why we have the Outreach Program.

As part of the Outreach Program, our office goes to events all over the county. We bring information about the office and financial literacy literature. We also help taxpayers find unclaimed funds and overpayments and register citizens to vote.

The Treasurer's Office also wants to help educate the public on financial issues. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we have written several tips and pamphlets to educate taxpayers on many financial issues.

The following are links to a calendar of Outreach events, Treasurer's Tips and Pamphlets.

  • How Taxes are Collected (PDF)
    How Taxes are Collected and Spent on your behalf.
  • Treasurer's Tips
    Tips dealing with various issues to help you protect your own money and learn about financial issues.

Additional Outreach Information

If you have an upcoming event and would like to have a representative of the Treasurer's office present, please complete the Speaker Request form or call us at (614) 525-3438.