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Treasurer Tips

As public servants, we have access to a wealth of professional expertise in a number of areas. We welcome the opportunity to share what we have learned, and in fact we think that, as public servants, it is our duty to do so. So we have prepared a number of tips, listed on this page, dealing with various issues to help you protect yourself and your own money. Since knowledge is power, we urge you to empower yourself by examining our Treasurer's Tips. Please share them with your family, your friends, your students, your co-workers and even clients and customers.

As with any general advice, some of these tips may not fit your own individual circumstances. If you have any questions about your personal financial situation, please consult a financial adviser or an attorney. We welcome your opinion on the merit of these Treasurer's Tips and would appreciate your suggestions about any additional topics you would like us to research. Please e-mail your comments and suggestions to the Treasurer.

Franklin County Treasurer