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Senior Homeowner Information

Congratulations on reaching the golden years! You've worked hard all your life and now it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. One goal of the Treasurer's Office is to improve services and the quality of life for Franklin County's senior citizens. This aim includes providing one-stop convenience for information about property tax payments and help with government and consumer services.

Senior Homeowner Services

Automatic Monthly Payment Budget Program

Real estate taxes in Ohio are due every six months. It can be a terrible burden for many seniors to come up with a large payment all at once. That is why, as an alternative, the Franklin County Treasurer's Office offers help to homeowners in budgeting their taxes.

The Direct Debit Program allows the Treasurer's Office to pay your real estate taxes automatically in smaller monthly installments by debiting your checking or savings account. All interest earned on the monthly direct debit program is returned to the taxpayer. For more information, please call 614-525-3438.

Homestead Exemption

This program provides a reduction on real estate tax bills to owners age 65+ or permanently and totally disabled. For more information, call 614-525-3240 or visit the Franklin County Auditor's website at: Franklin County Auditor's Homestead Information Page

Board of Revision

To set up an appointment to establish that the valuation of your property is too high and should be lowered, call 614-525-3913. This process has been kept simple and convenient. You may also go to the Auditor's website: Franklin County Auditor's Board of Revision Page

Senior Citizen Property Tax Assistance Program

This program offers one-time help to low-income individuals age 60+ who cannot pay their current property taxes. For more information, call 614-525-5229.

Homeowners Assistance

This is a home maintenance and repair service for elderly or disabled homeowners who live in certain parts of Columbus. The Homeowners Assistance Program does "minor plumbing, carpentry, masonry, and installs deadbolt locks and smoke detectors." For information, call 614-645-8526 or go to their website:

Ohio Legislative Information

Ohio Department of Aging

Joan W. Lawrence, Director
LeVeque Tower
50 W. Broad Street, 9th Floor
Columbus, OH, 43215-3363

House Committee on Health

James Raussen, Chair (614-466-8120)
Edna Brown, Ranking Member (466-1401)
77 S. High Street
Columbus OH 43266

Senate Committee on Health and Human Services

Lynn Wachtmann, Chair (614-466-8150)
Ray Miller, Ranking Member (466-5131)
Ohio Senate
State House
Columbus OH 43215