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The Franklin County Treasurer's Office wants to make paying your taxes as easy as possible. The following provides you with information on property tax payments. Please note! You cannot use home equity line of credit checks or money market account to make an online payment.

Franklin County Treasurer Website Safe & Secure

This website meets all safety protocols for exchange of electronic data and personal financial information transmitted over this site always was and continues to be secure and encrypted. To ensure you are on the most current Franklin County Treasurer website, the web address you should use is

If you have any questions, please call us at (614) 525-3438.

  • Payment Status
    View your payment status and payment history here.
  • Online Payments Information
    Find out how to pay your taxes online.
  • Budget Pay Program
    Learn how to pay your current taxes on a monthly basis to help you budget your money. You can also learn how to earn interest towards your future taxes.
  • At Participating Banks
    Learn how to pay your taxes at a participating bank in Franklin County.
  • By Mail
    Learn how to submit a payment by mail.

Additional Payment Information

When paying online, please type in the website directly ( Our office has found that customers may have difficulty when using "My Favorites" to access the website.

For information on how to send an electronic file for bulk payments please e-mail us or call 614-525-3447.

For a certificate of payment please provide the parcel number and/or property address and the year of payment via e-mail or call 614-525-3438.

For a copy of your tax bill please provide the parcel number and/or property address via e-mail or call 614-525-3438.