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Pay your real estate tax at participating banks

At Participating Banks

Treasurer Leonard is pleased to announce that we will be continuing our relationship with Heartland Bank for the First Half 2015 collection which will begin December 20, 2015 and run through January 20, 2016. Heartland Bank is the only bank participating in this program which allows taxpayers to make convenient payments in their local community.

Heartland Bank, will accept check payments from any taxpayer with a current First Half 2015 tax bill. You do not have to be a Heartland Bank customer to take advantage of the service, although you must have a current tax bill. Due to federal banking and money laundering reporting requirements, Heartland will not be accepting any cash payments from non-customers.

Property tax bills for the First Half 2015 will be available beginning December 22, 2015 and can be printed at home from the Treasurer's website: and entering the parcel information.

For locations and directions to the Heartland Bank nearest you, please go to their website: