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Understanding your Tax Bill

We realize that understanding how your Property Tax bills are created can be confusing. Please see below timeline of how our process works at each step until you receive your actual bill.

Step 1

First Tuesday of NovemberVoters

Citizens may vote on levies (schools, zoo, senior options). The General Election is always the first Tuesday in November.

Step 2

End of NovemberBoard of Elections

The Board of Elections certifies the election results. This typically occurs three weeks after the election.

Step 3

1st week of DecemberCounty Auditor

The County Auditor calculates tax rates and valuation data and sends data to the Ohio Deptartment of Taxation for approval.

Step 4

1st week in DecemberOhio Department of Taxation

The Ohio Department of Taxation certifies and sends approved tax rates back to the County Auditor.

Step 5

2nd week of DecemberCounty Auditor

The County Auditor calculates individual tax charges and sends them to the County Treasurer.

Step 6

3rd week in December Treasurer's Office

Lastly, the County Treasurer’s office receives the information from the County Auditor to print and mail out to taxpayers at least 20 days before the due date (January 20 and June 20, or the following business day if that date falls on a weekend). 

There are 427,110 parcels in Franklin County.
211,420 parcels are paid by a mortgage company (the owner may never see a bill – unless they go online).
213,018 parcels are mailed out to the owner for payment.
16,516 parcels are in our monthly budget pay program.