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The following is a list of the services and duties of the Delinquent Tax Division at the Franklin County Treasurer's Office.

  • Payment Plans
    Ask how to set up a payment plan to pay delinquent taxes.

  • Bankruptcy
    Learn how our office handles bankruptcy cases.

  • Foreclosure
    Learn how our office handles tax foreclosures.

  • Request for Penalty Remission
    Learn how to dispute a late fee that you do not agree with. (Penalty Forgiveness is also known as Penalty Remission and Penalty Remittance).


The division's duties include the collection of delinquent taxes and working with property owners, account holders, tax lien purchasers, and other interested parties in the following areas:

  1. Real Estate Taxes
  2. Manufactured Home Taxes
  3. Personal Property Taxes
  4. Bankruptcy Cases
  5. Administering Tax Lien Sales
  6. Foreclosure Cases
  7. Judicial Sales: Delinquent and Pro-Rated Taxes


When you call our office we will help you with the following:

  • Explain your tax bill.
  • Suggest any tax reductions for which you might qualify.
  • Confidential discussion on payment alternatives.
  • Monthly payment plans are available for delinquent and unpaid current taxes. These plans give you time to get back on your feet while stopping further interest and penalties from being added.
  • We will work with you in every way possible to help you address your tax delinquency.
  • Explain the process if you would like to appeal a penalty.