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Tax Payer Information

If you have received a letter in the mail about the annual tax lien sale or you fear your property may be eligible for the lien sale, you have options! Please read the following information or call our office at (614) 525-3438 for help.

Your Home is Still Your Home

One point must be made clear, the Treasurer's Office is not selling your home. This office is selling the tax lien (or the right to collect the delinquent taxes).The outstanding tax dollars are paid in full to the Franklin County Treasurer and the purchaser of the tax lien is owed the balance plus any additional fees and interest, this is referred to as the redemption amount. The Treasurer's office administers the sold tax liens and the property owner will still make payment to this office.

If the property is my residence, what are my options?

To avoid the sale, you must pay your delinquent taxes or enter into a Payment Plan agreement to pay your taxes.

Call our office at (614) 525-3438, to find out how much you owe and how you can make payments.

First time applicants for a residential payment plan must make monthly payments on the delinquent tax balance and must also pre-pay future taxes during the period of the agreement.

Can I get on a Payment Plan if I have been on one before?

You should contact the Treasurer's office to discuss whether your previous payment history makes you eligible for a second payment plan.

Will it mean I have to pay more money?

Yes. If your tax lien is sold, fees and additional interest (of up to 18%) will be added to your tax bill. Because the tax lien is sold for multiple years, that could mean multiple years' worth of additional interest.

What if I'm a landlord, or the property is agricultural, commercial or industrial?

In order for a non-owner occupied property to be eligible for a payment plan, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The Treasurer's office will determine Eligibility and term for a payment plan.
  2. In addition to making a monthly payment on your delinquent taxes, you must also enter into a pre-pay agreement for future taxes.
  3. You cannot have defaulted on any previous payment plan on the parcel.

If you feel your property would meet the preceding requirements please call (614) 525-3438 for further information in obtaining a payment plan.

What happens if my lien is sold?

A redemption payment plan may be available within the first year after the lien was sold. Call (614) 525-3438 for further information regarding this plan.

If the next year's taxes remain unpaid and the tax lien has not been redeemed, the tax lien purchaser has the exclusive right to purchase these taxes, once they have become delinquent, as an additional tax-lien certificate.

Twelve months after the sale date, the buyer has the right to foreclose on your property. The buyer also has the option to wait until the end of the certificate period, allow the interest to accumulate and foreclose at the end of the certificate period. Once a foreclosure has been requested, additional legal fees and/or costs may be added to the redemption amount of the lien.

If foreclosure occurs, Ohio law allows the lien holder to use private attorneys or the County Prosecutor's Office to handle the foreclosure. The process is the same as that used for any foreclosure involving the failure to pay delinquent taxes.