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Foreclosure Timeline

This timeline can play out in less than 180 days! Don't Wait… Act Immediately… Contact Your Lender !

  • First 30-90 Days
    • Owner is behind in mortgage payments.
  • 30 Days Later
    • Legal proceedings begin when mortgage company files complaint.
  • 28 Days
    • Owner has 28 days from receipt of complaint to respond or file an answer. 
  • Within 5-30 Days
    • Mortgage company attorney files motion for default judgment if no answer is made.
    • Court can render default judgment decision.
    • Attorney files motion for judgment decree in foreclosure.
    • Court can render judgment decree in foreclosure decision.
    • Attorney files a legal form known as a praecipe with the clerk of courts ordering the sale of the property. 
  • Within 3 Days
    • Within 3 days Clerk delivers praecipe to sheriff.
  • During the Next 3 Months
    • An appraisal is ordered and completed.
    • The sale date is set.
    • Sale is advertised in the Daily Reporter for 5 weeks. 
  • Day of Sale
    • Sheriff will auction property to highest bidder. 
  • Within 30 to 60 Days of Sale
    • Confirmation of Sale (orders sheriff's deed and gives new owner right to file for writ of possession)
    • 14 days after confirmation of sale the Sheriff's deed is issued.
    • New owner files for writ of possession.
    • Sheriff will give you 10 - 14 days to move out of your home - this may be extended up to 30 days for hardship).