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Each year, a number of Franklin County property owners are confronted with financial hardships that affect their ability to pay their annual real-estate property taxes.

Treasurer Cheryl Brooks Sullivan created the STAR Program to help residents avoid tax foreclosure by paying off their delinquent property tax debt and addressing the underlying issues that caused their difficulties.

STAR connects property owners to the resources they need – whether it’s home repairs or maintenance, social services, financial counseling, or other help – to avoid future instability.

The result: stronger Franklin County households, neighborhoods and communities.

STAR is accepting applications now.

To be eligible, you must be a property owner in Franklin County with a mortgage-free property. STAR Program participants also must be delinquent on real estate property taxes for a minimum of 18 months.

To apply for the STAR Program or obtain more information, please
call 614-525-7592.


The Starfish Retention Fund was created with the assistance of
The Columbus Foundation to serve Franklin County property owners accepted into the STAR Program.

Donations to the Starfish Retention Fund are tax-deductible.

Please visit our page at The Columbus Foundation website to donate to
the Starfish Retention Fund.